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Old 16-02-2009
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Linux Terminal Client

for a while I am looking for a terminal program that I can control remotely. So I get zegmaar a window on my windows PC and my server the image forward through the network to my PC. A kind of VNC, but I do not get installed. (If someone knows a VNC program that I can control the terminal via a windows PC is of course also welcome.

The exact intent is that I windowspc my server via my remote control. So the terminal operation. It should be freeware. I can not find on Google because I do not know exactly which keywords I should search.please tell me what to do??

I use Windows XP Professional (as client)
and Linux Ubuntu 5.10 (as server)
thank you
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Old 16-02-2009
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Re: Linux Terminal Client

Some clarification of the term "terminal" means a terminal used for a display with keyboard that is connected to a server. All work done on the server only the text you see on the screen of the terminal and input did you use the keyboard as it heard. You are so remote from the server busy. Later, more work from the server to the "terminal" (correct term here is "client"), and so came the client-server model that is still used. The reason that this could do was quite simple: technological development. Previously it was not technically possible to do this because the "clients" or were very expensive and what the weak side, everything on the server was cheaper, easier and faster. Because the technology is becoming more and more quickly developed suddenly it was technically possible and it is the client-server model to use. You see now that they go back to the terminal event that terminal server eg Microsoft Windows mainly because it will facilitate the management can do, good heart and you do only 1 place to make a change. Officially you call this way server based computing. That is something that UNIX / Linux from the outset because it can developed. A UNIX / Linux machine can both client and server. For that reason has any UNIX / Linux is SSH (Secure SHell) what you should see if telnet on a secure SSL tunnel (netzoals online banking and Web, which are also about an SSL tunnel). SSH is there by default and that is what you use to login to your server. Then you can or just working on the command line or the thing to manage. It is even possible to X11 on the same connection to send to you also have a graphical environment. That is exactly the UNIX / Linux counterpart Terminal Server (or Remote Desktop Connection as it is called today) which is in Microsoft Windows. Perhaps you have heard from Citrix, which is a major ToKo in the area of Terminal Server products for the Windows platform. It is slow and inefficient X11 documents than the solutions from Microsoft and Citrix (Citrix which really stretches the crown) but the company has NoMachines change inserted with its NX. They adapt to things like X11 compression which is more efficient. FreeNX is the free open source version (with some restrictions).
If you have a graphics system on your server and you install VNC then used the X server, so that you can compare with X11. VNC is also making it more efficient compression than X11.

I see you have Ubuntu 5.10. In Ubuntu VNC is already, at least in the GNOME session. You must be logged in first such case on that server enin the remote desktop session also happen on. Then you get the VNC client is (RealVNC, TightVNC, etc.) and connects to the server. You need a bit more effort to do so that you can do it without first. These are indeed all graphical solutions for your server to log and then to manage. You can also use the SSH server so you can log in via SSH. Then as PuTTY SSH client for Windows that is particular to the SSH client, in many search engine komtde right the first search result link up. This is done only SSH command, you must like DOS commands in typing. This is something they use on servers since there is not often a graphical environment and therefore is not installed. If you read the text you see enough that you can use keywords to search on the Internet (www.ubuntu.com, www.ubuntuguide.org and www.wikipedia.org are also good starting points).
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Old 16-02-2009
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Re: Linux Terminal Client

Take a random installation of a Linux OS.
Take the wiki that goes with it and looking at 'OpenSSH'
It starts on the server OpenSSH-Deamon and start Putty.
In Putty type 's IP address and you connect. Easy as that ...
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