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Thread: Boot Vista with Multiple Core?

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    Boot Vista with Multiple Core?

    hi there.........

    can anyone clear my doubt regarding Windows Vista operating system..............
    Is it possible to make Vista operating system a multi core?
    If yes then please provide me the technique through which i can do it?

    please clear my doubt.........

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    Re: Boot Vista with Multiple Core?

    Windows Vista is defaulted to boot only on single mode core.
    you can enable it to boot on multiple cores:

    • Go to msconfig
    • then go on the second Tab "Boot".
    • Click on "advance options" another box will appear allowing you to choose in the drop down box.

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    Re: Boot Vista with Multiple Core?

    It appears this fix isn't really a fix, as Vista's automatic settings do take advantage of dual cores, when possible. Sorry for the unintentionally false hack, and thanks to the many commenters, here and at Gizmodo, who caught it. The Hackosis blog points out that Windows Vista uses only one CPU to boot itself by default, regardless of whatever dual- or quad-core hardware you're using. Enabling multi-core boot might save you a bit of time, and the fix is pretty simple. Run msconfig from the Start Search box (or after hitting Win+R), then head to the "Boot" tab, check "Number of processors," and change the drop-down box to fit your processor. I haven't tested this myself, but given how long it takes Vista to gear up to running speed on my dual-core box, it probably couldn't hurt, either.

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    Re: Boot Vista with Multiple Core?

    The default settings for Vista have it boot using just one processor core. Using both or all four cores may help speed things along.

    Before proceeding know that this may not improve your boot time at all. Winhlp says it may also cause some systems to require reactivation. This is also not for the novice user. Make sure to change it only as specified and not to mess around with other settings.

    Click on: [Start]

    Click on: Run…

    Type in: msconfig

    Click on: [OK]

    Click on the tab: Boot

    Adjust the number of cores to the number your processor actually has.

    Click on: [OK]

    Of course, the boot speed is more dependant on the speed of your hard drive than anything else. About the only difference I was able to notice is that the desktop loaded instantly and I do mean instantly after the login screen was displayed.

    Startup programs also loaded slightly faster. Some users report that Windows Mail will load faster after this tweak is applied but that has nothing to do with booting and makes little to no sense.

    One would think that Microsoft would be able to code Vista to use however many processor cores are available by default. But then, there are many manual tweaks that have to be applied to Vista to get it running just right. What’s one more?

    SP1 improved Vista slightly but it still has a long way to go before it reaches XPs level. Let’s hope Microsoft sees reason and decides to keep XP around for a while longer.

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    Re: Boot Vista with Multiple Core?

    If you've got a multi-core computer (2, 4, 8, whatever) and you're running Vista, here's a great way to decrease your boot time by instructing Vista to actually use more than one core during the boot process.

    1. Click on the orb, type msconfig, and press enter
    2. Click Continue a UAC window appears. (If you're not logged in as an admin you'll probably need to give your admin password too.)
    3. Select the Boot tab and then click the Advanced options... button.
    4. Check the Number of processors: option and use the drop-down list to select the number you wish to use.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Back on the Boot tab check the Make all boot settings permanent option. (If you don't do this step, you'll be forced to undo it once you reboot. So, ok, if you're not sur about this process, skip this step, confirm it works, then redo all this including this step.)
    7. If you did step six answer the "are you sure" question by clicking the Yes button.
    8. Reboot your computer.
    9. I saw about a 30% boot time reduction by changing from one to two cores for boot.

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