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Thread: Windows Vista Does not Recognise Microphone

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    Windows Vista Does not Recognise Microphone

    Hi there........

    I had a Microphone which has now died completely.

    I also tried the other day and it's in the same dead situation; So I thought of buying a new headset.

    I bought a new one and tried to Plug it into the slot, but nothing is happening. My Windows Vista operating system does not even reconize that there's a new device or microphone inserted there.

    Any ideas on how I can solve this problem.......

    Please provide some suggestions...........

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    Re: Windows Vista Does not Regonise Microphone

    Check any input/port options for your sound card. Check the sound device settings in control panel to make sure it's not pointing elsewhere.

    Also check the hardware pannels where you place the microphone..........

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    Re: Windows Vista Does not Regonise Microphone

    Control Panel--->Sound--->Recording tab, two microphones must be there... one the inbuilt mic and other the external mic... when u use external mic, set it as default, it should say "working" with a green tick on its name...then click on properties, confirm if Under Default Format , the lowest sample rate and bit depth available, such as 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality). set the boost as +20 dB.

    also, if the name of both the mics are same in recording tab, change the one for external..."e.g. Microphone-External".... will work... As vista doesn't recognise two different mic devices with same name and will priortize internal over external...

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    Re: Windows Vista Does not Regonise Microphone

    First of all find the latest version of the audio driver which is compatible to vista, as most of the drivers that are shipped with sound-card or motherboard cd contain drivers which have support for only until windows Xp.

    So it is strongly recommended to download the latest audio driver from the internet for your sound-card or on board audio chipset. Install the vista compatible audio driver (sound driver) for your sound-card or motherboard audio. After this re-start your computer. Half of the work is done.

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    Re: Windows Vista Does not Regonise Microphone

    Check whether the microphone is detected by Vista or not. If not, check whether you have selected the frontal microphone or rear, as vista recognizes them separately unlike windows Xp. Correct the configuration of front/rear mic if needed.

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    Re: Windows Vista Does not Recognise Microphone

    Hi Guys,

    Dont know if this was just fluke or not, but I was having the same problems with Windows not picking up anything on the mic.

    In the recording device settings, I selected the external mic, clicked 'Properties' then the 'Advanced' Tab and unclicked the 'Enable audio enhancements' box. The mic then seemed to work (althouhg it might have been something else!).

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