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Thread: Error Code 800ffff in Windows Vista

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    Error Code 800ffff in Windows Vista

    hi there.......

    I am using windows vista and I have not updated the service pack since november 2008; but the problem is i am recieving the error code 800ffff. Spending many hours searching for a solution; but nothing I can achieve as a solution.

    Anyone got any ideas or views about this?

    Please help me in finding ......................

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    Re: Error Code 800ffff in Windows Vista

    This may be a solution for you:

    • Go to your control panel
    • Enter Add and Remove programs
    • You will notice a hot fix for kb929777.
    • Uninstall this hot fix.
    • Windows will ask for rebooting, so apply it.
    • Download the hot fix kb929777 from the genuine windows vista website; but not from the auto update site.
    • After successful update you need to again reboot your operating system.
    • Search for updates.
    • Also Remember that there should be no updates available in your history and should show successful update on the kb929777.

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    Re: Error Code 800ffff in Windows Vista

    A much more simple way to escape from this error....

    1. Open up Control Panel and navigate your way to Programs and Features.
    2. Click View installed updates on the left hand side.
    3. Find the update KB929777 and uninstall it.
    4. Attempt to install the update again in Windows Update
    5. Once successful, restart your PC.

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    Re: Error Code 800ffff in Windows Vista

    Follow these steps Carefully:

    • Launch REGEDIT
    • Go into HKLM\COMPONENTS, and check if these three values exist under the COMPONENTS key:

    1. PendingXmldentifier
    2. NextQueueEntryIndex
    3. AdvancedInstallersNeedResolving

    • Providing they do exist, back up the Components key, then delete the three above values.
    • Restart the computer, and Windows Update should now be working fine.

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    Re: Error Code 800ffff in Windows Vista

    i will suggest you to visit the below provided url for proper problem solution....

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