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Thread: Booting Lock up during Startup

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    Booting Lock up during Startup

    hi there........

    Last night when i finished the work on my pc while when i turn off, the pc replied in a irregular manner. it was working fine in the night when suudenly this event happen. Now in the morning i tried to turn on it got locked up during bootin. It started lockink the startup after counting the RAM during POST.

    i am not understanding what happen and what is the reason behind it?

    Please help me.........

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    Re: Booting Lock up during Startup

    According to me:

    It sounds like your power supply may be ready to die, especially the part due to which blank screen takes up at startup. I had the same problem on my PC, and although I could hear the fans power up, sometimes it wouldn't even go through post and just blank screen with case lights on. After repeated resets it would finally boot to Windows, but I also had frequent lockups there. I took the cover off the case and noticed the fans were running, but very slowly. My 250W power supply was about 5 years old, and since I replaced it I've had no further problems.

    On the contrary, check the fan on your CPU to be sure it's working. It might need the dust blown out to improve air flow. I don't think heat was a big issue with the 586s, but if I remember correctly, they did need a fan attached. If the fan is clean and spinning properly, you can try running with the case off for a couple of days to see if that helps.

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    Re: Booting Lock up during Startup

    hi there...
    follow these instructions carefully:

    go inside msconfig

    and then startup

    start disabling not required items one by one

    reboot each time

    when it reboots normally,either disable the one causing the problem or reinstall it.

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    Re: Booting Lock up during Startup

    try this one:

    i had the same problem:

    I have 4 dimm slots, and what I've found is that the first 2 slots ddr 1 and ddr 2 are bad but ddr 3 and ddr 4 are still working. So I took all the memory I had in dimms 1 and 2 and out and I am now just using dimms 3 and 4 and my system is running fine now. Just got 2 bad dimm slots, because I took all my memory out and just put a 512 stick in dimm 1 and system freezes and then I tried dimm 2 with the same result. Then I tried dimm 3 and worked fine and then dimm 4 and also worked fine. So I'm running 512 in dimm 3 and running 1024 in dimm 4 for a total of 1.5 gigs so I lost 512 but at lest my system is running well again.

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    Re: Booting Lock up during Startup


    You need to reinstall your backed up registry files to get everything working properly again.

    However if your pc was looking for a different user init file this may not 100% work but it won't help to try.

    Boot from Windows disc and go into Recovery console.

    Type the following: cd c:\windows\system32\config

    Then type following:

    • ren default default.old
    • ren sam sam.old
    • ren security security.old
    • ren software software.old
    • ren system system.old

    This will backup your current registry.

    Now type:
    cd c:\windows\tmp

    • copy default.bak c:\windows\system32\config default
    • copy sam.bak c:\windows\system32\config sam
    • copy security.bak c:\windows\system32\config security
    • copy software.bak c:\windows\system32\config software
    • copy system.bak c:\windows\system32\config system

    This will restore the copies you backed up.
    Type: EXIT

    Hopefully this will fix it.

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