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Thread: How to format a laptop with Vista

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    How to format a laptop with Vista

    Hello friends

    I am using HP laptop now i want to format laptop can someone tell me how to format laptop with Vista? I don't have much knowledge about formatting.


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    Re: How to format a laptop with Vista

    There are multiple solutions, depending on your final goal. If you did not specifically intend to call an OS You can do it directly in MS-DOS. If you want to restore an OS on top, and you insert the installation CD of it (such as XP, Linux etc ...) and when installing the hard drive that you chose (if you have several or more partitions on the same disk) and it automatically formats

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    Re: How to format a laptop with Vista

    If you buy your computer with vista installed above consult the manual for your computer that will show you how to rebuild the partition with windows vista ... it will be restored in a few minutes with all the original software (thanks to a hidden partition). If it is you who have installed yourself then it will insert the installation CD for Vista to boot your computer and follow the instructions to reinstall vista (resettlement includes formatting + new installation).

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