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Thread: Rundll32 not responding

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    Rundll32 not responding

    Hi friends,

    I am facing an issue with my Pc.Whenever i am trying to open any application i am getting an error message as Error Loading C:\windows\system 32\bridge.dll .

    Can anyone help me out with this issue.It would be great.

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    Re: Rundll32 not responding

    It seems that your Pc has got affected by virus or malware try to install a fresh copy of anti virus and check for virus scan in safe mode it will work for you.

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    Re: Rundll32 not responding

    I have tried to check anti virus there is no virus on my pc any other solution please.

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    Re: Rundll32 not responding

    I was also facing such kind of issue i try to do the following this and it worked for me.Hope it will work for you too.

    1. Click on Start and select the Run command.
    2. Type msconfig to load the System Configuration Utility.
    3. Select Selective Startup option and enable only one of its options.
    4. Apply the changes and restart the computer.

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