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Thread: How to remove xp antivirus 2008 spyware

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    How to remove xp antivirus 2008 spyware

    This post help to remove spyware from the computer. Antivirus 2008 is counterfeit anti-virus software. Antivirus 2008 usually installed itself onto your PC without your permission, through Trojan and virus. Antivirus 2008 will display fake system alerts or fake security alerts to trick user to buy the Paid Version of Antivirus 2008 (You could get Antivirus 2008 by opening an infected message in myspace or installing infected or fake video codec from video sharing websites.)

    Press “Alt+Ctrl+Delete“, then click on “Task Manager“.
    You can also launch the Task Manager instantly if you press Ctrl + Shift + ESC simultaneously.
    Right click on AV2008.exe and AntiVirus2008.exe and click End Task.
    Create a registry backup
    Remove HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion \Uninstall\AntiVirus2008
    Click Start –> Search, then click on 'For Files and Folders…'
    Search for File name AV2008.exe , AntiVirus2008.exe , AntiVirus2008.lnk , Uninstall AntiVirus2008.lnk
    Type the filenames on the search box, and choose the “Local Hard Drives” (normally, it’s C: drive)
    Click on 'Search' and delete these files
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    Re: How to remove xp antivirus 2008 spyware

    The procedure for removing XP antivirus 2008 was already given by jesse in this tip - How to uninstall XP antivirus 08 !
    Well, your method is much shorter. Thanks for the input. Will see if it works.
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