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Thread: Windows XP partition as ubuntu

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    Windows XP partition as ubuntu

    I have in my PC and the OS windows XP, how to partition to install another OS as ubuntu
    thank you for helping me

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    Re: Windows XP partition as ubuntu


    Ubuntu 32-bit uses the Gnome desktop environment.

    ubuntu 64 bits: Same thing, but the processors for a 64-bit architecture.

    Kubuntu 32-bit: ubuntu same thing but uses the KDE graphical environment.

    64-bit Kubuntu: Same as ubuntu 64 bits but with the KDE graphical environment.

    32-bit Xubuntu: Xubuntu is a version of Ubuntu with the XFCE desktop environment which is highly recommended for people posÚdent a computer with a small configuration.

    Xubuntu 64-bit: Same as above, but 64 bits.

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    Re: Windows XP partition as ubuntu

    Once done, you download a software image of Gparted, you tent in the grave an image and you boot the cd.

    In demarcate, the cd will analyze your hardware and asked to choose the language of your keyboard for a U.S. English keyboard press enter without writing anything for a keyboard to type French from France and 08 entered.

    Once you've done, it will reduce the existing partition for that, do right click on the partition and resize the partition and reduce the size desired. Linux does not require a huge space, therefore a maximum of 50 GB will be necessary, between 15 GB and 25 GB would be good to start. Repartitioning of the space will be during the installation.

    Ubuntu is a GNU / Linux distribution rependu very, very easy to use and often advised the new Linux user. Before installing, it is possible to test live ubuntu cd. To install ubuntu, download an iso of ubuntu once again burn the iso file as an image and Smith on the cd.

    After Started on cd, or you starts without installing anything on the CD or install on the disk. The installation is very bein detail. The only step that can be confusing is the stage of partitionage. Ubuntu

    offers to settle in the free space, settling on the disk (which will remove windows) or partitionage manual. If you take the partitionage manual, create a partition of 5 GB to 10 GB EXT3 and the mount point is "/" (without the quotes), this partition used to install linux. a partition of a size that is twice your RAM (at least that's what's advisor) to be formatted as linux-swap partition and one with the rest of the space it also EXT3 which will point mounting "/ home". Once done, apply the change.

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