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Thread: Forgot bios password IBM thinkpad T20

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    Forgot bios password IBM thinkpad T20

    Please help me
    I forget the password to enter the BIOS setup to an IBM ThinkPad T20. I bought this laptop from an auction for a liquidated company and was given the bios, hard drive and system passwords on a slip of paper which I lost. Is there anyway to get around this ?

    thank you for your responses.
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    Re: Forgot bios password IBM thinkpad T20

    For a Thinkpad it is almost impossible to get the Bios password. One has to go to a specialist to remove the password. Whatever you do, do not remove CMOS battery. For Thinkpad, removing will lock up the hard drive.You may also try talking to IBM, maybe they have a quick fix.

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    Re: Forgot bios password IBM thinkpad T20

    Ok I have found what you are looking for, Just hope over to here and you will find all the answers you need.

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