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Thread: Hibernate won't work in Windows

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    Hibernate won't work in Windows

    Here i'm facing really a wired problem never faced before. I'm using windows XP , i always hibernate my system instead of turn off. This feels really cool to me not wasting time in booting. But from few days when i start my PC after restoring bar it doesn't goes start windows instead of that it gets reboot and gives me two option one for deleting that hibernate data and continue with boot menu and second option for continue with restoration. as i selects restoration it does same after restoring bar. Any help i don't know why my hibernation not working. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Hibernate won't work in Windows

    Try deleting all the temperory and unwanted files, uninstall unwanted programs, run chkdsk utility. Defragment your drive and scan for any viruses and spywares. if everything works fine disable hibernate option and then delete the hiberfil.sys file from your root drive. reboot your computer and enable hibernate again. this must solve your problem, if the problem still persistes, repair your windows installation. All the Best...!

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    Re: Hibernate won't work in Windows

    If your system doesn't want to Hibernate, check your Windows folder for a file named nohiber.txt. This file will contain information why Windows won't operate Hibernate.

    In most cases, a suggestion will be offered as to how to proceed and be able to use hibernate.

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