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Thread: Difference between Linux and UNIX

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    Difference between Linux and UNIX

    Good afternoon to all
    I am a student of 3rd year of secondary information technology ( ) and I need your help please
    my question is what the difference between Linux and UNIX?
    Please help me

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    Re: Difference between Linux and UNIX

    Unix is an Operating System developed in olden days in which the kernel, the heart of the OS, interacts directly with the hardware. (note: this is the definition of what a kernel is). Because UNIX treats everything as a file, it provides greater security for users. An example of a UNIX distribution is posix. (note: actually POSIX is a set of standards for interoperability of applications between UNIX and UNIX-like systems). Linux uses a the UNIX architecture as its basis and provides more facilities and applications. Linux could be considered to be a GUI to the UNIX core. (note: this is plain wrong. GNU/ Linux was rewritten from scratch using UNIX as a guide. GNOME and KDE are GUIs for GNU/Linux). Examples of Linux distributions are Redhat, Fedora, Suse, Mandriva, and Ubuntu. Solaris OS also uses the UNIX kernal almost all UNIX commands will work on solaris in addition to 500 Solaris specific commands. (note: Solaris is also a rewrite of UNIX for x86, and does not use any original UNIX code). Both UNIX and LINUX are Open source. (note: UNIX is proprietary, Linux is open source).

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    Re: Difference between Linux and UNIX

    Unix is the result of a lab from the original AT & T:

    And Linux is an open source Fork initiated by Linus Torvalds in 1991 years:

    Even Windows has had to bend to be POSIX compliant, which sets standards for OS X * which also has a cost:

    Finally, Apple has recently abandoned its proprietary OS (The specs. Rigid represented 10 telephone directories, Inside Macintosh ) To adopt a core * X: Mac OS X what must surely come from an initiative of Steve Jobs who created a revolutionary machine for the time, which has not bored at the sight of its technological ...

    Beautiful beast for its time (optical disk) ...

    That is what I know
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    Re: Difference between Linux and UNIX

    But if you consider Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) standards then Linux can be considered as UNIX. To quote from Official Linux kernel README file:
    Linux is a Unix clone written from scratch by Linus Torvalds with assistance from a loosely-knit team of hackers across the Net. It aims towards POSIX compliance.

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    Re: Difference between Linux and UNIX

    All i know abt linux and unix is : Unix is Father of all linux distro. Unix is totally command based and Linux now supports GUI.

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