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Thread: Formatting vista on Acer laptop

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    Formatting vista on Acer laptop

    Hi Everyone,
    I bought an Acer 3 months ago and I want to format but I have no vista disk (however I would like to XP 3), but what grieves me most is that I have no installation cd for different drivers. Can I still get them back into the laptop?
    Thank you in advance for your answers

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    Re: Formatting vista on Acer laptop


    You can download the drivers from the Acer site. If you want to format Windows XP, it will delete partitions from the hard drive and a full disk formatting. Be careful when even, we must take precautions: See if you can boot from the CD (bios setting).

    Here is the link to download drivers for Acer laptop

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    Re: Formatting vista on Acer laptop

    • If you an Acer LapTop or Desktop, and it has a pre-installed environment like Vista or XP on it. You do not have to buy for a License Vista or XP, for the reason that it is already "Pre-Installed".,
    • This means that it is already Licensed from the time you bought it. It's just a waste of money to buy
    • a new Vista or XP. From the moment you've bought the LAPTOP or PC, you should right away make
    • a back up of it by clicking on the E-management of the Ace. It is the so called Acer Empowering Management, after that, you can now format you're PC or LapTop in no time. This is the secret of this Big Company.
    • Boot you're PC and then Press ALT F10 simultaneously, and provide the necessary password that you will be entering before you make the back up through the Empowering Management.

    Good luck
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    Re: Formatting vista on Acer laptop

    My cousin have been fighting with Acer and the dealer over this fraud. He bought an Acer Aspire T180. Acer machines do NOT comes with Vista as advertised, just an installed. Vista image you can back up and restore which of course wipes out. Everything even your data. They have refused to give or sell him a proper vista disk so he can repair damage or make other adjustments.

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