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Thread: Download KDE 4.2 final version

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    Download KDE 4.2 final version

    The free desktop environment KDE 4.2 is now available in final version. He succeeds KDE 4.1, which was released 6 months ago and brings new features and improvements while correcting as usual many bugs. Particular emphasis has been placed on stability (main criticism of the previous versions), performance and the addition of old features that had disappeared in the transition to the 4.0 branch.

    The window manager Plasma, part of the iceberg, has received special attention, particularly concerning its stability. The interface and graphics have been refined and many new applets are emerging. Google Gadgets and some Mac widgets are also supported. Among the functions re-introduced, for example it is again possible to display icons on the desktop.

    The Konqueror browser for its following the trend by becoming faster and adopting some of the functions flagship browser competitors: the home page can now submit bookmarks, like Google Chrome. A search function as you type is also integrated. On Dolphin Explorer file that replaces Konqueror, we see the appearance preview as thumbnails in tooltips and the addition of a zoom slider.

    Many other applications of the KDE project have also been updated. Pell-mell include improvements to the side of the email client KMail, the possibility of using ergonomics in the vi text editors KWrite and Kate, support archives password protected through Ark or a new Print Manager.

    Used mostly for Linux, KDE is also compatible with Mac OS X and Windows. Support for the latter has been greatly improved with this version. With stability restored, the approach of feature-rich KDE can she convince users of the Gnome clean?

    See the Visual Guide To KDE 4.2 for the details on the innovations in 4.2 or read on for an overview.

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    Features KDE 4.2 final version

    Highlights of KDE 4.2.0:
    • New and improved applets
    • New system and application notifications
    • Efficient and smooth window management
    • New breathtaking desktop effects
    • Easier configuration
    • Tasks can be grouped
    • File manager-like desktop powered by Plasma
    • New and improved tools
    • Smart creation and extraction of archives
    • New and improved printer manager

    Download KDE 4.2.0

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