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Old 21-01-2009
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Windows 7 higher performance index

Windows 7 improves an extremely important point, that overclockers and others wanting to have fun will enjoy the Windows Experience Index (the performance index of Windows) is improving.

Appeared in Windows Vista, this small benchmark built into the OS goes into high gear: limited to a maximum of 5.9 on Vista, it is best to 7.9 in Windows 7.

How does it work?

Five tests are performed, CPU, memory, graphics, games and disc. The overall score is not an average but the lowest score obtained for the five tests: a Core i7 couple to 16 GB of memory and hard disk 4 200 rpm will give you a very low score. To give an idea, here is some information on how to calculate the score (which is virtually identical with Vista and Seven).

The CPU score is based on its ability to compress and decompress files (with different algorithms) and encode video (in particular). A number of CPU cores with an integrated memory controller will get a high score.

For the record, it's a mix between the bandwidth and capacity, if you have 512 MB, it will be impossible to exceed 2.9 as to achieve a score above 4.5 it will take more than 1.5 GB RAM.

The score depends on the graphics bandwidth of video memory, the version of DirectX supported (the score is stuck at 1.0 with a card that is DirectX 9) and management (part) of decompression video. Aero tests are carried out.

For games, the score depends on the framerate, but to exceed 4.9, it will need a card compatible with Pixel Shader 3.0.

The last index is pegged to the rate of transfer of hard disk.

Windows 7 goes further

Windows 7 keeps the same basic test (except for hard disks) and the scores are comparable, they ride just above. For hard drives, the arrival of the DSS has forced Microsoft to change the measurement tool (a priori using a measure of access time) and the scores may be slightly lower than in the same Vista machine.

According to Microsoft, a gaming machine must achieve a score greater than 6 in total and is expected to play games in recent 1 280 x 1 024 with a decent framerate (40 to 50 fps). To achieve a score higher than 7 would - according to initial estimates - to eight processor cores, 8GB of DDR3, a powerful graphics card (GeForce GTX 280 or Radeon HD 4870) and a fast SSD.

In the end, although that index is not an effective way to compare two machines (it does not sufficiently documented and the results too close), it is against interesting to detect quickly if one of the components of your computer slows down others.
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Old 22-01-2009
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Re: Windows 7 higher performance index

See this Hardware Configuration for the maximum score in Windows 7
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