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Thread: How can i change "RAW" to NTFS"?

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    How can i change "RAW" to NTFS"?


    Recently i was facing some problem with power failure, so i added a new hard drive to my system. The problem is that the new hard drive is working perfectly but the file system shows either blank or designated "RAW" rather than NTFS in the primary partition on the original hard drive. And the secondary partition on the original hard drive shows unformatted. Is there any way of changing my file system from RAW to NTFS without formatting it and loosing all my data? Is there any way to resolve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How can i change "RAW" to NTFS"?

    Is it showing up correctly in the BIOS and Explorer ? Have you tried to format it to NTFS by using the Disk Management in Administrative Tools-->Computer Management--> By doing Right-click on the drive and selecting Format, using the file system drop-down list ? Does RAW still show up there ? Normally, you should only have 2 choices: FAT32 or NTFS.

    Have you tried contacting your hard drive service provider for the above problem?

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    Re: How can i change "RAW" to NTFS"?

    Before you create partitions and format it, you have to initialize your Hard Drive. It can be done in the Disk Management by just doing a Right click on "My Computer" and then Select Manage. If you are unable to initialize,then check out for Services Logical Disk Manager and Logical Disk Administrative Service whether they are enable. After initializing the disk by default, a pop-up wizard will open, when you will open the Disk Manager,you have to put a tick against disks and need to initialize it. After that click on next, it will allow you to check and convert it to dynamic disk. In order,if you only want ordinary basic disks, then just put a unchecked mark against all.

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    Re: How can i change "RAW" to NTFS"?

    Hey you can try out this one.

    1) Open up your acronis disk director and simultaneously open up your new hard drive in edit mode and at the same time also open your old hard drive.

    2) Then go into hex, and make sure the first line on both of them is exacly the same, assuming u have NTFS on both of the disks.

    3) Then save it. I think it should work out for you.

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    Re: How can i change "RAW" to NTFS"?

    One of my Sata hard drives has been converted to a RAW disk. There is quite a lot of data on this disk and I need to convert it back to an NTSF disk without losing any of this data. Does anyone know how to do this without purchasing the recovery software. I have tried trials and one needs you to buy the software b4 anything is done and the other will only recover 4 folders out of the upto a 100 that I have got.

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