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Thread: MFC CListCtrl beeps in Vista

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    MFC CListCtrl beeps in Vista

    Hello all,

    I have been searching for the solution for this problem and have discovered I'm not alone, but no one seems to know the answer. I have a legacy application that I need to run in windows Vista. and using an MFC CListCtrl in report view. Whenever I would mouse click (left or right) in the list control I get a default "bing" sound. The problem does not happen on windows XP.
    Any suggestion how could we solve this ?


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    Re: MFC CListCtrl beeps in Vista

    Here is the solution to the problem Under sounds setting in Vista, if the entry "Select" has ever been given a sound file to play and then set back to empty the control will bing. The only easy fix I can see at this point is to assign an empty sound file to that entry. That will eliminate the problem.

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