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Problem with WINLOAD.EXE

Operating Systems

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Old 12-01-2009
Join Date: Nov 2005
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Problem with WINLOAD.EXE

Hi, I bought Windows Vista.
I installed it, but it can't boot.

I have one HD, Western Digital Caviar 250GB. I have two partitions - C:, where XP Pro resides, and D:, where I wanted to install Vista. I run the Vista Setup, then I choose "Clean installation" as the method of installation, I choose drive D:, etc. and it started to install. After installing it rebooted. When I try to boot Vista it complains about a missing or corrupt \Windows\system32\winload.exe, error 0xc000000f (or sometimes 0xc000000e).

What is this problem? Please help if you can.


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Old 12-01-2009
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Re: Problem with WINLOAD.EXE

See suggestions given in similar type of threads: Windows Vista error Winload.exe Corrupt
winload.exe file missing or corrupt
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Old 12-01-2009
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Re: Problem with WINLOAD.EXE

I was told by others that you MUST do a clean install not an upgrade, that will not work!

Re. USB hard drive
I think Vista will not boot from USB. As a matter of fact it will not install properly if an USB device is pugged in. I had the same message and finally I solved the boot problem by following the advice on this page, ie. removed my USB memory stick. My mouse and keyboard were already PS2.
However unless you like to experiment, I would advice to wait until the final version with at least SP2 comes out.
My installation is very flaky, and unpredictable, it will work flawlessly during one session, but when restarted again it will do all sorts of weird things. The biggest problem is that Windows explorer would stop working and the OS will try to fix it, it can go on for a long time.
But if the system finally settled I think it will be better then XP, for instance once I installed my cable modem driver I was connected to the net, no setup needed, just setup your Email and away you go.

Hope it helps
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Old 12-01-2009
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Re: Problem with WINLOAD.EXE

Can i ask you, have you been trying to update to Vista? I think your boot files are corrupt. I would try a fix boot command

The fixboot command is only available when you are using the Recovery Console

fixboot [drive]



The drive to which a boot sector will be written. This replaces the default drive, which is the system partition you are logged on to. An example of a drive is:



The following example writes a new partition boot sector to the system partition in drive D:

fixboot d:


Using the fixboot command without any parameters will write a new partition boot sector to the system partition you are logged on to.
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Old 12-01-2009
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Re: Problem with WINLOAD.EXE

Depending on the issue, this MAY work

download RC.iso from the following link:


You need to burn this image to a CD and boot your computer with it--this is different than burning a file to a CD. If you do not know how to burn an ISO image, then download the following program to another Windows XP machine, install it.

make certain you download the proper installation for your version of windows. Open MY COMPUTER, choose HELP > ABOUT. Note the service pack and get the appropriate version of the iso burner power toy


After installation, reboot, then right click the RC.iso file you downloaded above and choose COPY IMAGE TO CD.

Then reboot your broken PC with that CD in the CD-ROM drive.

This will give you a recovery console to use to run

Insert the cd into the non-functioning PC

When boot begins, a windows setup will appear to start, but you will be taken to a recovery console.

You will need to select your windows installation by pressing a number, most likely 1

Windows will ask you for a password

If you have XP home, press enter...there is no password

If you have XP Pro, you need to enter the password you set when you installed your machine with XP Pro.

After entering the password, you will find yourself at a command prompt that looks like this


chkdsk /r

follow the prompts, then when it is complete, remove the CD



the machine will reboot

Did that fix it?
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