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Thread: How to activate the bluetooth connection with Vista?

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    How to activate the bluetooth connection with Vista?

    I would like to transfer a file from my laptop which is equipped with bluetooth my phone. Could you help me do? When I try to make a new connection on my computer, I see "Bluetooth is not ready." Thank you .

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    Re: How to activate the bluetooth connection with Vista?

    You did not have a tool that came with your laptop you use Bluetooth?
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    Re: How to activate the bluetooth connection with Vista?

    No. But there is a text document that I found on the Bluetooth Settings window. With this help, I can not successfully connect my phone. In fact, I have a tool for bluetooth which is already installed on my computer, but when I try to launch the new connection, I see it the device is not ready. I can use any service via bluetooth. Yet I can see the bluetooth (bluetooth RFCOMM TOSHIBA) in the device manager. But the location of this device is marked as unknown. What does it mean? He did it not Bluetooth device? But in fact sheet on my computer, it is clear that the bluetooth exist.

    Please! Help!

    Thank you for your valuable information.

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    Re: How to activate the bluetooth connection with Vista?

    This can be done either by connecting from an external device (like a mobile phone) to a laptop that has Bluetooth built-in, or by connecting from that external device to a laptop or PC with the help of a Bluetooth dongle.

    If your PC doesn't have Bluetooth built-in, you must buy a special dongle and install it by following this procedure:

    • Insert your dongle into an USB port.
    • Wait for Windows Vista to detect and install the device driver software.

    Windows Vista has drivers for most Bluetooth devices but if it is not able to find any suitable drivers for your device then you should install those that are bundled by the manufacturer. The following steps are the same for all Bluetooth connections (built-in or dongle):

    1. Enable the Bluetooth connection to the device you want to connect.
    2. If the connection is not already active, you'll have to enable Bluetooth on your PC/laptop. By default, the wireless and Bluetooth connections are active. If for some reason they are not active, look for a button on the front face or on the sideways of your laptop that should enable both wireless and Bluetooth connections. If you can't find that button please read the laptop's manual to find it.
    3. Go to "Start" -> "Control Panel" -> "Network and Internet" and choose "Set up a Bluetooth enabled device".
    4. In the Devices windows, click on "Add..."
    5. Check the option "My device is set up and ready to be found" and click the "Next" button.
    6. Windows Vista will show you all active devices. Select the device you want and click "Next".
    7. Now, Windows Vista asks you to set a passkey. You can let Windows Vista choose one for you, you can enter the passkey found in the documentation of your device or you can enter your own. Also, you have the option of not using a passkey. A passkey is used to make the connection between the external device and your PC/laptop more secure.
    8. Select the option you prefer and click the "Next" button.
    9. On your external device a dialogue box should appear asking for permission to connect to the PC/laptop. Select "Yes" and enter the same passkey you have entered earlier.
    10. A window will pop-up saying that new hardware was found. Choose "Locate and install driver software".
    11. If you have a CD that came with your external Bluetooth device you will have to insert it in your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. After you insert the CD, Windows Vista will be able to finish the driver installation. If you don't have a CD choose "I don't have a CD. Show me other options". Windows Vista will try to find a suitable driver for you. Even though it won't be able to find such drivers, don't worry too much, there is still a chance that your Bluetooth connection will work.
    12. That's it. Click the "Finish" button and test your connection.

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    Re: How to activate the bluetooth connection with Vista?

    really really thanks for this useful procedure.

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