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Thread: installing XP Pro on hdd in serial ATA

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    installing XP Pro on hdd in serial ATA

    Hi I have a problem to install Windows XP Pro on my laptop because it does not contain the S-ATA driver and I do not have a floppy drive for adding during installation. Is there someone who could help me in LME saying if it is possible to add drivers by USB or burn a CD with Windows XP Pro already added the drivers. If anyone can help me then it would be great.

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    Re: installing XP Pro on hdd in serial ATA

    I think that you can use a USB stick because the USB driver will not yet load, so the port is useless. But there is something that I dont understand, the Sata disk in your laptop? In this case, it must necessarily be a conflict, trying to look into CDs included with your mobile, there is necessarily anything above ... To burn a CD of XP Pro with the sata in drv +, nothing complicated, copy the contents of your original XP CD to a folder. Add the sata drive to the same file, burn the complete file mode of "bootable CD, and it should stick, when you ask for the sata driver, you designated your cd.

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    Re: installing XP Pro on hdd in serial ATA

    Read the mobo manual, it will tell you whether you have to install sata/raid drivers from floppy early in the winxp installation, using the F6 (install third party drivers) switch. Some boards, in particular, *don't* need SATA drivers loaded, but *do* need a specific BIOS setting if both SATA and PATA are used, as is usually the case (the optical drive goes on PATA).

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    Re: installing XP Pro on hdd in serial ATA

    From what I read, a serial ATA drive should blow away any earlier IDE flavor. A real screamer. Not posistive it is faster than the ATA-133 but probably. And being able to hot swap an IDE drive will be nice. We've done it with SCSI arrays for years and it can be a life saver.

    I don't know for sure but at a guess I'd say the install would require the same sort of thing that installing to a SCSI drive does. Early in the process you will be prompted to press an F key (F6 I think but not sure) if you need to load alternate drivers. You do, so press the key and then follow the prompts to insert the media that contains the drivers so they can be loaded. The install should proceed normally after that.

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