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Thread: Windows Explorer not responding

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    Windows Explorer not responding

    ive read a couple threads about people getting pop ups saying windows explorer isnt working, but thats not exactly my problem.

    even since yesterday my taskbar/start bar on the bottom of the screen has been freezing up.
    you cant click on programs, the clock stops ect. when I click on it then I get a box that was windows explorer has stopped working.

    it also seems like it causes other not responding errors in other programs.

    any suggestions or ideas?

    (sorry if this isnt the correct forum)

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    Re: Windows Explorer not responding

    do a scan with malwarebytes first to see if any probs. with crap using exessive resources

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    Re: Windows Explorer not responding

    See this thread by member if this could help you a little :Start Menu disappeared, taskbar freezing...

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