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Old 20-11-2008
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Triple boot Vista / XP / Ubuntu

Hello all,

However, I hope, like the title of my post indicates, set up a triple boot Vista / XP / Ubuntu on my laptop.
I have, for now, that Vista on my PC (preinstalled version).I therefore poses a number of issues, including the installation of various Os.
Do I start by follow to install XP in dual boot with Vista, then move on to installing Ubuntu?
In addition, my laptop is only equipped with a single hard disk, partitioned into 3.In your opinion, disk space is enough to consider install 3 Os (I want to keep Vista Os as principal).Please: I said that I have neither the CD to install Vista, or even a simple CD restoration ..Thank you all for your advice.
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Old 20-11-2008
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Triple boot Vista / XP / Ubuntu


Yes it is quite possible, I turned myself in a mulitboot with 4 OS.In fact, the partition Vista should never be touched!

Install Windows XP on the partition you want from your hard disk. Until then not need to tell you I think.

You do not need any outside software to boot.

Then you download Ubuntu on the official website, the version you want of course ^ ^ file is not an executable (no executable can be linux) it is. ISO must be burned to a CD (with Nero for example) and then insert it into your drive and restart the PC. The computer will boot from the CD normally, you wonder language, choose English, finally what you want but good after all ...

You can choose between: Discover Linux without installing, install Linux and anything else not necessarily useful for us.

Therefore take install ubuntu. Follow directions, you have no need for me to choose the language and time zone is not it?

Then comes the location or install Ubuntu, you can choose the space allocated to the OS simply by moving the partition size of your hard drive (you'll understand when you see ^ ^). ATTENTION! Do not mistake in choosing partitions because one chosen will be formatted huh?

Finally it is unfortunate that your post arrives so early because I work at this time on the realization of this tutorial. Available soon. It is a pleasure to share my knowledge.

In short, back to the point. Once chosen partition installation will begin, take a good cup of coffee (see two) and then Ubuntu will begin and the first time it will settle things yet made much attention to be connected to the Internet because linux to require information on the net to settle things. Finally you see because everything is marked.

Once installation is complete, restart your PC and there! Oh great miracle! A table is displayed with:

1 - Ubuntu (attention, ubuntu has three line in the table)

Ubuntu boot by default after 10 seconds. I am trying to work on changing the boot order. Patience patience

NB: It is possible that Windows XP is marked as Windows Vista Longhorn thing thing, and you twice the same line, but not panic. XP is there

How to do a multi boot in less than two hours. (Depending on the computer)

If you have any questions please! Enjoy as I am in full inside!
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Old 20-11-2008
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 37
Triple boot Vista / XP / Ubuntu

A big thank you for your detailed reply.

I started by going to install XP in dual boot following the tutorial available on miscrosoft. On the tutorial, however, explained that it will be necessary to use VistaBootPro to start Vista.

Note that I want to install XP and Ubuntu on my C partition.
What do you think space should be allocated to each of these 3 Os? (On the 71 remaining gb, I plan to leave 41 for Vista and 15 gb for each other 2 Os)

Two other questions come to mind: my data (on my partition D) will be accessible regardless of the bone that I will use?

If I wished to remove a bone, the procedure is it complicated?

All these issues must seem terribly animals, but I prefer to ask rather than remain in ignorance.

Thank you again for your help.
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Old 20-11-2008
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 134
Re: Triple boot Vista / XP / Ubuntu

So no you do not need to do that tutorial multiboot. Indeed it is that Ubuntu Linux will handle boots.

This means that while Linux will not be installed on a partition, boot default will be the last OS install ie Windows XP.

You should know that Linux needs almost 8GB (being very large, otherwise it would be only 4 but we can not store it later ...) So yes I think 71Gb may be necessary for 2 OS.

Yes you can find all the partitions from any OS. Just go in the Storage Manager Linux Ubuntu click (once just Linux, and yes it is not windaube) programs and files or documents and settings finally anything that you know

To remove an OS at worst simply format the partition assigned to this one now and then

And, no they are not stupid at all, on the contrary it is important to ask. Because if you had seen the head of my wife to documents over when I told him I did not know what it's going to give .... It was funny!

So I summarizes, insert the Windows installation CD XP made installation on the partition of your choice, you can create a very simply from the table partition before installing XP.

Once XP installed, restart the PC and then download Ubuntu, burn it onto a CD and later I explain

If questions come to mind in court time do not hesitate to contact us, we will try to answer you as soon as possible
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Old 03-10-2010
Join Date: Oct 2010
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Re: Triple boot Vista / XP / Ubuntu

its possible.

I did it by installing Windows XP first, then Vista , then Ubuntu 7.04

Make sure Ubuntu's grub will not overwrite your mbr. try installing it to the partition where your ubuntu be installed. mine is at (hd0,4).

if Ubuntu in any case can't boot, try repairing its grub by using the live cd and opening terminal application


sodu fdisk -l (this will list your partition where ubuntu is installed)

sodu grub (enter)
root (hd?,?) ? is ubuntu partition indicated using fdisk -l command (enter)
setup (hd?,?) (enter)
quit (enter)

then, install easybcd to your vista OS. tweaking with this application can modify boot entries of XP (written as earlier version of windows) and add up ubuntu to your boot choices.

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Old 10-01-2012
Join Date: Jan 2012
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Re: Triple boot Vista / XP / Ubuntu

Hi all,

I wonder if any of you fine people can help. I have been happily running triple boot with Win 7 / Vista ultimate / Ubuntu on my first (somewhat old) build.

Everything was fine until yesterday when I came to my computer to see no IDE HDD detected, it has become apparent that my 150gig WD Raptor X (Crystal) has failed, I can see the head not parking and I can see the 'click' as the head searches hopelessly

I have temporarily Re-Installed Win 7 (Previously installed on the dead Raptor) on to a new HDD, however I can no longer boot to Vista Ultimate or Ubuntu which are installed on a separate HDD. I can access the drive but not sure if Grub was on the failed drive or the best way to restore boots to the other OS's?

I am currently assuming the primary boot partition and Grub were on the lost drive however I did get a 'restore Grub' message even though the drive is completely dead?? Note, neither the Vista or Win 7 recovery CD's could see a Vista installation.

Having already lost one install I want to try and retain the other two especially as they on a fully, otherwise functioning HDD!..

Any thoughts or possible solutions would be most appreciated..
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