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Thread: Runtime error'7 '- out of memory

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    Runtime error'7 '- out of memory


    I have a very old program - T-shirt printing studio installed.
    Install both CD ran smoothly.

    After double-clicking the Start icon was the main program opened, but immediately thereafter appeared a window with the words: run-time error'7 'out of memory and the invitation to quit.
    WinXP voted with the newest security update from today.
    There was also a reference to rename a file, but what I did not understand.
    Can someone help me?

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    Re: Runtime error'7 '- out of memory

    Hi, it sounds a Win95 or perhaps even a Win3.x program. You can do it with the Windows 95 compatibility mode to try (right click / properties ...). I think generally does not mean that because what you can do. Possibly. comes the prog not with the XP memory clear.
    Or it has no write rights in the folder in which it is located. Or it does not have write permissions on a folder, where it would like to write.
    Are you logged in as Admin when you start it?

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    Re: Runtime error'7 '- out of memory

    That programs only runs until Win98. Since for you only remains the compatibility mode.

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