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Thread: Partition removal Problem in Windows XP!

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    Partition removal Problem in Windows XP!

    Does Windows XP come with hard drive partitioning files?

    One of my colleague has a P4 -2.3 Ghz with a 250 GB hard drive and he was told that the partition cannot be removed from his hard drive.

    I use to remove or add partitions all the time with MSDOS and Windows OS using Fdsk, and then format.

    I was told that VISTA comes with hard drive partitioning capability. What about XP?

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    Re: Partition removal Problem in Windows XP!

    Windows XP has useful tool built in which allows you to delete partitions from any of your Hard Drives.

    Microsoft’s Disk Management, built into the Computer Management program provides the user with full controls over creating and deleting partitions on all the hard drives on the computer.

    Removing partition hard drive using windows XP can be completed as follows:

    Load Computer Management by clicking on ‘Start’, ‘Run’, and then typing in ‘compmgmt.msc’, followed by clicking on OK.

    Click on ‘Disk Management’ towards the bottom of the left hand pane, and wait for your computer to scan your disks.

    In the right hand pane you will see each physical disk within your computer on a separate row, and each disk is displayed with it broken up into its partitions. (In the example shown there is one physical disk which is partitioned into two)

    After confirming which partition you wish to remove, right click on it, and select ‘Delete Partition’ or ‘Delete Logical Drive’. Click ‘Yes’ when prompted.

    Please note the following:

    You will need to be logged into the computer as a user with administrative rights.

    When you delete a partition, all the data within that partition will be lost.

    The partition containing Windows XP cannot be deleted from within Windows.

    Extended partitions cannot be deleted unless the partition is empty – you must delete all the logical drives within it first.

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