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Thread: GUI interface for Windows VISTA

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    GUI interface for Windows VISTA

    I am new to the networking field and I am not a computer savvy,so, please can anyone provide me the GUI interface for the windows VISTA.

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    hi Alchmey,
    Your wish is my command, so here is your GUI interface for Vista:
    follow the link:

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    Thanks for Your Immediate reply.

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    I will summarize what I think about the new Windows Vista GUI Interface, or you may consider as its my reviews about new windows vista.
    1.The file browser explorer improvements (while better) are a blatant ripoff of Mac and Linux current versions
    2.The start menu is less cluttered now that it’s better organized, but except for common elements it can be a pain to navigate to lower levels
    3.The taskbar itself has a new popup preview which actually I like.
    4.The taskbar has been enhanced with a new clock and time. Pretty, but that’s about it
    5.There were 2 new right click properties I didn’t show “show windows stacked”, and “show windows side by side”. Even with multiple windows open, clicking either one of these options did nothing for me.
    Have a great time with Vista

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