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Thread: Fatal Error !!!!! GameForce-8761SU

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    Fatal Error !!!!! GameForce-8761SU

    The pc ran smoothly...Until the very day to get the yell ... How? This is what I wanted to know.

    Windows Vista Ultimate x64 in laptop ... So far so good ... Past 4h 30min laptop connected.
    1st error, "fatal error" (blue screen).
    All right. Reboot the laptop itself. After a bit same mistake It binds to return to connect. Past another piece pc shuts off by itself completely the power of light "turns off the laptop. Okay! It seems that something is wrong.

    Resolved by installing Windows Vista x64 again to see if it was a mistake or anything like that to bother. So yes, the middle of the installation fatal mistake (fatal error) of blue screen! There was clearly a bad thing! Something was wrong and was not system error or anything of the sort ... Second attempt to install ... 3rd, 4th ... Nothing! Same mistake!

    Well ... What is it? I do not know! I hope you say to me what is going on. The PC did not have much time connected to the net. Not even tried playing games! Nothing that could pull the pc ... nothing! I wonder, I buy a PC which destroys the same day I receive. I do not think that is normal. I'd like to have answer to my problem. Clearly the pc heats too! It is a fact! Hence I do not know the pc seems even a toaster. If something is burned, I do not know what. It was connected less than 8h. That is all I know. Installing the operating system? Out of the question...Fatal error in the middle of the installation of any operating system.

    I expected more from this portable ... quite honestly.

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    To check whether or not you have a problem of hardware you must restore the image of manufactures (Linux CM12), after that you use the laptop normally with net, games, work, etc. If after several hours of use with the Linux system it does not show any abnormality then it is in excellent condition. If you want a Windows (not an upgrade version) you have to find out where is the inconsistency, something that because you can not help you change the original software.

    Qt the temperature all PCs / Port have an automatic protection system, why not burn anything.

    Qt laptop to malfunction on the first day (even if damaged), are things that can happen. I had a Sony Vaio new leaf in my hand and gave no sign of life.

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    If you are working with the CM12 and do not know what is probably the best ask the upgrade to Windows Vista and you'll get access to technical support for Windows Vista OS.

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    Well, but could have read more. I said, no operating system works because the pc goes below to install any of that. Even the magic box! The pc has a problem with same hardware!

    I spoke x money to pay for not having any operating system installed at the time the lead to your premises or securing the same. How can I install the magic box if you can not install any operating system ?

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    But after the BSOD (blue screen) the computer turns off or just blocks?

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