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Thread: IBM's supercomputer runs Fedora

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    IBM's supercomputer runs Fedora

    IBM's supercomputer, the Roadrunner, which cost something close to $ 100 million dollars.

    IBM is a great company of Free Software as a whole and also specifically to the Fedora project, reports that Fedora is used in the test environment with this and other machines.

    Roadrunner Name System
    Site DOE / NNSA / LANL
    Family IBM System Cluster
    System Model QS22 BladeCenter Cluster
    Computer QS22/LS21 BladeCenter Cluster, PowerXCell 8i 3.2 GHz / 1.8 GHz Opteron DC, Voltaire Infiniband
    Vendor IBM
    Installation Year 2008

    Linux Operating System
    Infiniband Interconnect
    PowerXCell 8i processor 3200 MHz (12.8 GFlops)

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    Why doesn't we hear much about Fedora Linux. In India, Redhat is the only known and taught version of Linux as far as I can see. I have read reviews that states Fedora is the finest Linux.

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