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Thread: cant run dos program in vista

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    cant run dos program in vista

    Hey all,

    Can you please advise me on how to get my software to run on vista....

    It works perfectly in XP, but in vista it gives me the following message....

    "This sytem doesn't support fullscreen mode. Choose close to terminate the

    Ive tried the compatability tab and even downloaded dosbox but no luck!!

    Please help!

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    What are your computer specifications? Is it a Vista 64 OS that you have newly installed? Is it a legitimate copy. Only answering this question will help us to know where to proceded further. Thanks

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    Hello Warren Ak

    Can you tell us what software are you using?

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    Well do you have any video graphic card installed?
    I know some programs don't run on Vista But works fine on XP!

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