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Thread: directx 10 & windows XP

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    directx 10 & windows XP

    i have directX-9 with my windown system & just found that DirectX 10 is available.
    I have windows XP as my operating system & i want to know do Xp support directX 10?
    If yes then how can i install directX 10 with my system will it be a good idea?

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    DirectX is a set of multimedia Application Programming Interfaces (API's) written by Microsoft. This allows programmers access to fast graphics, sound, and input functions while not needing their apps to test for the capabilities of the computer on which their program is running. DirectX will evaluate these capabilities and if they are not present, DirectX may attempt (in many cases) to emulate the functions in software instead of hardware.

    This is basic idea of DirectX
    Yes you can use DirectX 10 for windows Xp but you need to tell us what is your system configuration for correct answer.

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    I simply don't understand why you need directX 10 for XP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian p View Post
    I simply don't understand why you need directX 10 for XP?
    I also feel the same ian but still we can help him.
    For more information & to download directX 10 Click

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    XP used to suck pretty hard itself back in the day. I think in a year or two all of this will have blown over, and people will just move on to Vista——once they get the kinks worked out of it. I run Vista on my computer, but really that’s just for Dx10 since my brother is huge into PC gaming and shelled out $1500 to build a new computer this summer.

    There are some games that can be forced to render most Dx10 settings on Dx9; Crysis, for example. So really there no absolute need to switch to Vista yet, but eventually I think it’ll just kind of edge it’s way in as it improves with additional service pack releases. (I think SP1 is slated to come out sometime Q1 on 2008.)

    Oh, and the Age of Conan pics are okay, but the first example of a “Dx10 Rendering”, the lake/mountain scene, is actually an artist’s rendition of what a Dx10 rendering could look like. Kinda sketchy, if you ask me.

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