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Thread: Windows Vista Disk Defragmenter Vs Other Defragmenters

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    Windows Vista Disk Defragmenter Vs Other Defragmenters

    I recently came to know about Windows Vista Defragmenter & have been using since then to improve my Pc's performance. But I dont like its features about how badly are the disks fragmented & if they need to be defragmented at all. After the program is finished it doesnt make any reports on it. Infact I think that the Windows XP Defragmenter was a lot better than the Vista version. So as per my question, there are many free disk defragmenter available & will it be good than the Vista Defragmenter. What do you guys suggest. Thanks

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    I have been using the Free Auslogics defragmenter since ages on my Windows Vista machine with no single problem at all. It is one the best & I would suggest you to get it asap apart from Windows Vista Defragmenter which is not so good as compared. Cheers

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    You can also go with the JK Defrag. The main benefits of JK Defrag is that you don't install it. You can run it from a CD or USB flash drive. It also optimizes the drive which disk defrag doesn't do. Disk defrag just defrags the drive. It doesn't place or arrange the data for faster access.

    O&O Defrag does this as well but needs to be installed and takes more resources vs JK Defrag.

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    I have used Diskeeper 2008 Pro on my Vista HP laptop and it works like a charm. None of the ambiguity of Vista's defrag, instead it's fast, shows the results graphically and clearly, and is very stable. You can check out the free evaluation versions at the diskeeper site if you are so inclined.

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