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Thread: Gigabyte P2532 FN key problem

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    Gigabyte P2532 FN key problem

    I received an old Gigabyte P2532 laptop from one of cousin. After setting it up at my place I found out that the FN key was not working on this laptop. I dont know if I have missed anything while setting this laptop. Or is there any kind of key combination need to turn this feature on? Can anyone please help me out? Thanks

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    Re: Gigabyte P2532 FN key problem

    Well, can you tell us which Operating System you have installed on your Gigabyte laptop? I would suggest you to download the latest BIOS for the laptop mobo and install it. The latest bios for your laptop is BIOS F0B & EC F0E and you can download it directly from the official website of Gigabyte from here -

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    Re: Gigabyte P2532 FN key problem

    Can you tell us whether any new recent updates was done by you in your laptop. If so then it might be possible that this recent update could have brought some kind of problem to you which is causing the FN key not to work. Sometimes I used to have problem with my Acer laptop where the FN key not used to work then to solve this issue I just had to hold down the function key and press F11, then it used to work fine.

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    Re: Gigabyte P2532 FN key problem

    For the first time of setting up your Windows operating system, you get an option to choose your keyboard type with the English - Extended options, so it could be possible that the FN feature will be only usable by using the Extended Keyboard options. Or else, try to install all the drivers from the CD that is provided by the laptop and see if that works.

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