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Thread: Office SP3 will not install

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    Office SP3 will not install

    My pc is not able to install update of Office SP3, i am not able to track down the cause of this issue. I have tried installing update using auto update and have tried installing them manually after downloading it but no luck. I have checked out event viewer and below is the description of the error message that i see there.
    Update 'Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3): MAINSP3' could not be installed. Error code 1603.
    Is there anything i can do about it?? I just need to sort it out somehow.

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    RE: Office SP3 will not install

    Below is what you have to do for installing the update manually:
    Download Sp3 to your pc from here and save it in a folder in c:\ named Patch
    Go to start > run> type "cmd" without quotes and hit enter, after that type below commands without the quotes and hit enter after every command:
    cd patch
    Office2003SP3-KB923618-FullFile-ENU.exe /c /t:c:\patch /q
    msiexec /p MAINSP3.msp /l*v c:\patch\Log.txt /qb

    It should get installed after last command, have you tried out same steps???

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    RE: Office SP3 will not install

    Yes i had followed the same steps earlier and i have tried it out again but no luck, updates wont get installed. I still see same error in event viewer. Is there anything else that i need to check out or some workaround that i can try out further??? any further help on this issue will be highly appreciated.

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    RE: Office SP3 will not install

    While i was checking out for your issue i came across an article addressing it. Just try out the steps that has been mentioned there and see if you are getting lucky with that,best of luck.
    You cannot install an Office 2003 service pack

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    RE: Office SP3 will not install

    I was running in to same issue a week ago and some people had suggested me to try registry hacks that Viceman has mentioned above. I did not had much idea about those things so i simply uninstalled Office SP3 and made a clean installation of it again. Later when i tried installing the updates everything went smoothly, i did not encountered same error again. I don't what was the issue all about and what was causing it but a clean installation really helped me out in dealing with it. You can try out the workaround that have been mentioned above but if they don't help then you can try out what i did.

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