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Thread: Office 2007 Updates Fail w/error #80070663

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    Office 2007 Updates Fail w/error #80070663

    I have installed windows Vista Home Basic and Office 2007 Enterprise in my system and it seems as if there is something wrong with Updates for the Office Suite. All updates are failing with error 80070663, is there anything i can perform to get rid of those errors and install updates without any further issues??

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    Just go through the below article and see if you are able to get any help from it:
    Error message when you try to install some of the Office 2003 or Office XP updates: "No valid sequence could be found for the set of patches"
    I wanted to add that you will have to edit Registry, so to be at safer side take a backup of your current registry before proceeding with the solution mentioned in above article.

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    I will suggest you to try installing the updates manually. I was running in to same issue earlier, later while trying out trouble shooting steps i went to Microsoft Support Page and downloaded all updates installer and ran them on my computer. I did not had any issue in installing updates after that, all updates got installed successfully. Just try clicking on updates you see in vista update application and check out the weblink you get there.
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    My system is running on windows Vista Pro SP2 and i have installed Office 2007 SP 1 some weeks ago.Even in my cases updates were failing while updating PPT with security patches. Installing the updates manually helped me out as well, give it a try and let me know if it is helping you or not.

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