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Thread: outlook 2007 won't install with office 2007 professional

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    outlook 2007 won't install with office 2007 professional

    I have uninstalled previous version of office and have installed trial version of office 2007 professional. Since installing it i was not able to find my previous outlook app and files. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling outlook 2007 but now me to do that. I want to know if there is anything by which i can install it again and get all my missing outlook app and files.

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    RE: outlook 2007 won't install with office 2007 professional

    I am undergoing same situation, it was recommended to uninstall current version of Outlook before installing office 2007 professional trial version but i haven't come across any article for securing current outlook apps. Even i have lost previous outlook app and files, i have checked out my whole system and they are not appearing any where. I just wish i had not uninstalled previous version of Outlook. Currently i am not able to uninstall outlook 2007, it appears with RED X in Add/Remove Features

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    I think that you both might have not uninstalled previous version of office completely because of which Outlook 2007 might have not got installed. When we install trial version of Outlook 2007 then it doesn't get installed automatically if previous version of Outlook exist on same machine. To get better idea of what i am talking about go through below thread and try out the solution mentioned there for getting rid of the issue you are facing.
    Outlook 2007 is not installed when you install a trial version of a 2007 Office suite

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