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Thread: Compatibility Pack Version error on Office 2003 Update

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    Compatibility Pack Version error on Office 2003 Update

    I am trying to install Compatibility pack on Microsoft Office 2003. First I had performed all update which were installed properly. There were no errors at all. Now once the installation done on reboot I am getting this error. - this is a pre-release version of the Compatibility Pack and can open pre-release 2007 files only. Do you want to check for a newer version of the Compatibility Pack?I ha checked back for update but that also did not worked out. I do not understand what is the actual issue. What it is related to. I had tried a number of attempt to re-install the same, but it did not worked out.

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    From where you downloaded the compatibility pack. I hope you got them from the official sources only. Check for any new edition and download that. I am using Office 2007. I had installed a new compatibility pack when I faced that error. I am not sure about the 2003 edition. If possible try to upgrade the Office edition. It will remove this kind of issue. Reverting back to old updates will not at all give any more help on the same.

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    There is bug with the existing compatibility pack and this arrive only after running updates. It has screwed my office files. I am trying to restore that but nothing worked out more. I can run Word in safe mode. I can create a new document and save files. There is no issue on the same. But the issue mostly arrive when I try to use Word in regular mode. The error is exact what you mentioned above. The only way remaining is to run a Repair setup or re-install Office back again from scratch. The compatibility pack edition that I had seen working in my system is some 12.0.xxxx one. I am going to install that manually again and hope it work.

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    Jim Starnes Guest
    I was plagued with this problem under Vista. I just upgraded to Windows 7 (Home Premium) and uninstalled the compatibility pack, downloaded it again from Microsoft, and reinstalled it. That seemed to fix it! I can now read docx files in Office XP (just as I used to be able to under Windows XP). The files are a bit slow to convert, but they do open. check out this

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    Word2007 file gives This is a pre-installation version of CompatibilityPack

    I am facing this issue with Word 2007. I am not able to open a Word 2003 file in that. I went to contorl panel and removed the update. Later on the error was constant. I found on some site that to fix the same in better way you will need to fix the registry also. I scanned the system with a registry scanner and it worked. I had did that in safe mode. Now word is working and I can view older files also in the same. There is a straight solution. If Word cannot read old files simply remove the Compatibility pack update.

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