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Thread: Conflict with Nov 11 2009 Excel 2003 Security Update (KB973593)

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    Conflict with Nov 11 2009 Excel 2003 Security Update (KB973593)

    I am working on a large size Excel file with Macro enabled. The file is quiet heavy and takes time to load. When I use to work on the same before, the screen flickers. That was acceptable as I can keep on working on the same. Now after getting fresh updates I cannot work on it. The update has created more issue in Excel. The screen flashes a number of time and the file responds too slowly. It looks like the update was not at all compatible with my Office edition. After removing the same things went back to fine. The file works properly. It looks the update is buggy or there is some issue with that. Any thoughts.

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    I am too facing the similar problem. My Word files are the one which are affected. The update has created a major fall in the files to perform properly. It looks the issue is caused due to some change in the Application.Screenupdating function. I had tried to find the solution for it, but cannot found anything. I hope there are people who will review the issue and offer a proper answer for it. I had notified the bug to Microsoft and hope tog et fix for it.

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    Re: Conflict with Nov 11 2009 Excel 2003 Security Update (KB973593

    I am trying to make all updates proper. But it is almost 4 days yet thing are not fix. We have 5 systems at our office which are updated through Windows Server. I do know when the update was installed automatically causing Microsoft office to perform poorly. I had removed the same from some, but still is common. We had a number of excel sheet linked with each other. When a user click on one, the other one opens. The update cause strange behaviour on all files. But in two computers the update did not created any issue. This was a bit weird to know.

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    I believe I have discovered a serious problem with

    Security Update for Microsoft Excel 2003 KB973475

    that has nothing to do with running VBA Macros. I have a complex spreadsheet that is used to record time for timecards and keep track of costs by job. EVEN when I open this spreadsheet with macros disabled, MS Excel 2003 crashes on the file and then tries to "recover" it. But the recovered file is completely crapped out.

    When I open it in Excel 2007, I have no problems and the spreadsheet works fine.

    When I removed the KB973475 update, the program worked fine in Excel 2003.

    SOMETHING they have done in this update really hoses up spreadsheets.

    I think this bug has a variety of symptoms and I believe they may be associated with pivot tables. But I have not narrowed it down because with the update installed, my program just simply crashes -- I cannot investigate any errors.

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    I had too faced the same kind of issue in my system also. It happened after KB973475 update. I have some programs in XL VBA. Each of the sheets are loaded with many sheets and formulas. There are some pivot tables too in it. They were working fine by after update those fail to open. I am worrying about file corruption issue. There are only few sheet listed while others are gone.

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    Re: Excel 2003 - KB973475 crash

    Thanks so much for these posts. I have most of my spreadsheets linked to other sheets using simple '=' formulas. Recently, while linking, Excel 2003 would crash. I just uninstalled update KB973475, and Excel no longer crashes when I link a cell to another spreadsheet.

    Now to get the IT folks at work to uninstall KB973475 update - that might take an executive order. Hopefully, MS will fix these problems, but it seems they are still just gathering information instead of fixing.

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