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Thread: Change interface language on MS Office 2007 Enterprise

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    Change interface language on MS Office 2007 Enterprise

    I was running Office Pro 2003 earlier, recently bought a new copy of Office Enterprises 2007. I removed earlier version and installed this Office 2007 on the same. When I launched the setup I got option to select language, where I selected Danish language and completed the installation with the same. But now its been two days I’m too frustrated. Apart from few things am unable to do anything because am unable to understand this language. Please don’t ask why I installed it in Danish, it was just for trail purpose.

    As I wasn’t able to understand language and hence its menu, I wont know where can I change the language. Hence I simply uninstalled Office and reinstalled it again. But surprisingly this time it dint asked me for the language option and installed the Office in same Danish language. So, can anyone please let me know how can I change my language back to ENGLISH ? Am sure my CD is having English language as it has files called proof.da,, and proof.en

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    RE: Change interface language on MS Office 2007 Enterprise

    Well dude first of all let me tell you that proof.da,, and proof.en are not the languages but dictionaries in Danish, German, and English languages used for spell check in office products. If you want to install your Office 2007 in English make sure you have files named Office.en-us and Word.en-us. If these files are available there, then follow these steps:

    Click on Start Menu > Click Microsoft Office > Click Microsoft Office Tools > Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings.
    Here in the first tab check if there is English listed in Display Language. If yes, than simply click on English and OK.
    Restart the system and hopefully it should be in English language.

    Alternatively you can also make it in English using installation Cd. Run the setup again by inserting CD in the DVD drive and Choose Custom installation. Now be careful, there use to be many tabs but one of them provides you option to install an English Interface. Select the same and you will be done.

    And if none of these methods worked for you than you should realize that your CD doesn’t have English language, it is in Danish only language. What you need to do is download language pack in order to get the same. You can download English for Office Enterprises 2007 from here.

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