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Thread: download the trial version of office professional 2003

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    download the trial version of office professional 2003

    I recently assembled a new PC and bought a Office 2003 Professional CD with product key. Now the problem am facing is my DVD drive is not working or not able to read the Office disk. So the only way left for me to get Office 2003 is by downloaded setup. Hence I want to whether I can download Office 2003 iso, install it on my system and activate it with the product key I received with my CD ? is it possible to activate the trial office with my purchased and unused product key ?

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    Re: download the trial version of office professional 2003

    No way. You wont be able to activate any trial or any other office product with the key you received. Product keys are the keys made for a particular product and they work only with the software it came. It cannot be used on any other software product. So there are only 3 ways left for you:

    1st: If you have any other PC or any friendís PC, copy the entire CD content in a folder, copy that folder in your Pendrive or any external drive, attach the same with your computer and run the setup. It will install like you are installing from the CD.

    2nd: Remove your DVD drive from your computer, make sure it is uninstalled from Device Manager as well. Now connect it back and wait till system installs the drive again. Now try running disk and see if it reads.

    3rd: As this is your nee assembled PC, your drive would be still under warranty. Get it replaced.

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