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Thread: Suppress Post-Install prompts through Office Customization Tool

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    Suppress Post-Install prompts through Office Customization Tool

    I need a bit advance help here. I want to surpress a number of prompts that the user will see when he start Microsoft Office for the first time. I had tried to configure the msp for the same and hope this is going to work better. I am not able to to find any settings that can allow me to prevent certain windows for getting appeared on the launch. By default I want online help, keep system running and make office better option checked. The user must not be able to remove them. Second I want to remove the sign up with Microsoft Update option and laster I set no to RSS feed sync with common feed.

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    First ensure that you have th most recent admin files which are needed to make this thing. Get the fresh downloads and move them in admin folder. Later on you can go with the customization. Buy updating the admin files you can simply get option to disable privacy things but I am looking for a solution by which I can add Windows Desktop Search.

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    RE: Suppress Post-Install prompts through Office Customization Too

    I am trying something similar. But yet I do not have any luck in doing this. I want to supress the privacy option of word. There are options but they are complicated to understand and testing each of them is quiet a waste of time. Some settings that I found would be helpful for you. In Features look for User settings > Outlook 2007 > Tools > Options > Preferences > Search Option > Prevent Installation prompts with Windows Desktop Search Component.

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    Try this link out. It tells you how to configure privacy options using the OCT and group policy. The only thing I am still searching for is how to stop the RSS feed prompt from coming up on new profiles.

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    Re: Suppress Post-Install prompts through Office Customization Tool

    To disable the privacy option prompt after you have updated the admin folder with OCT 2 files, go to:
    Modify user settings -- Microsoft office 2007 system -- privacy -- trust center -- disable opt-in wizard of first run

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