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Thread: Deploying Office 2007 using MSP file

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    Deploying Office 2007 using MSP file

    As many of you would be able to understand my issue by reading the title. I am here trying to create different types of msp file for each department we are having at our office. I am using Office Configuration tool for the same. Now as it is recommended to do the same using Customizations folder I found a bit weird thing. The setup is installation even in the regular user profile. That means it is neither asking for permission or admin rights. The normal user can perform the setup. Does this is a kind of permission issue or I am doing something wrong with the setup.

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    Re: Deploying Office 2007 using MSP file

    I think it better if you refer the below link that will guide you the best on what you are trying to do. It is worth to discuss if there is any error and failure.

    Office Customization Tool in the 2007 Office system

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