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Thread: Office 2007 downgrade to Office 2003

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    Office 2007 downgrade to Office 2003

    Recently I bought a new laptop and a new copy of Office Standard 2007. Installed the same on my laptop but as this is the first time I am using Office 2007, Iím facing many difficulties using its menu and shortcuts commands. Hence I want to downgrade the same back to Office 2003 that I was using from years on my older desktop computer.

    Can anyone tell me if there is any Cd I can buy or files I can download to downgrade from Office 2007 to 2003? Thank you.

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    Re: Office 2007 downgrade to Office 2003

    As far as I know you cannot downgrade with Retail versions. So if you want to go back to 2003 you will need to buy a installation disk of Office 2003. But that doesnít sounds smart as you have already spent enough on new laptop and new office software. If the problem is just with ribbons and shortcuts, I must tell you that still many Office 2003 shortcuts work in Office 2007. And talking about ribbons, you can use few add-ins, I mean FREE add-ins that will help you get rid of Ribbon and make classic menus.

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    Re: Office 2007 downgrade to Office 2003

    Yeah, you can use few add-ons to get rid of the new Office ribbon and get back to classic menus. Better checkout this threads instead of spending more than 2007 to buy 2003 office:
    Customising Office 2007 Ribbon
    How to Turn off the Ribbon in Office 2007

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