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Thread: What to do for invalid win32 application error

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    What to do for invalid win32 application error

    I am using Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 DVD. I am installing that on my Windows XP Machine. When I run the setup it is not working on its own. On double clicking on the setup.exe I am getting a error invalid Win32 application. Does the setup is corrupted or there is some issue with the files. My system looks to be OK. The DVD is new and I had used the same before also to install Microsoft Office.

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    This is a error that appears when the setup is corrupted. I will recommend you to contact the vendor and ask for replacement. That is the only way we can deal with the same. Or one thing you can do is copy paste the entire content of DVD on your system and then run the setup from there. If that also does not work then you will need to get a new copy. Second try to run the setup in Admin account.

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    re: What to do for invalid win32 application error

    What specifically are you double clicking? Open the CD folder in Windows explorer and be sure to use the Setup.exe on the DVD. You
    may also want to try copying the DVD contents to your PC hard drive and then running setup from there.

    Be sure you're logged in as Administrator.

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    re: What to do for invalid win32 application error

    Users must install 32-bit version of Java since the 64 bit version is not compatible with 32-bit operating system.

    Follow the steps below to download the 32 bit version of Java:

    1. Click Manual download.
    2. Then click Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008 Online.
    3. Box File Download dialog appears. Choose the folder location.
    4. (Save the file in a known location on your computer, eg. On your desktop). Click Save.
    5. Close all applications including the browser.
    6. Double-click the saved file icon to start the installation process.

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