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Thread: How do I relocate Office 2007 MSOCache?

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    How do I relocate Office 2007 MSOCache?

    I remember that there was a tool called LIStool.exe which is called as Local
    Installation Source Tool in the office 2003 resource kit which can be used to relocate 500MB of installation source to another drive or either delete it if required. But when checked in Office 2007, this tool doesnt exist. Infact it forces the MSOCache upon my C-Drive that makes for larger Wim image files. So I was wondering if anybody knows a way to relocate the Office 2007 MSOCache to another partition on the same computer. Any replies will be appreciated.

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    I think that when the Office 2007 local installation source has been made then its location on the user's pc is fixed. There is no way or no applications to move the office 2007 MSOCache folder to any other place. Well, incase if you want to have more disk space in your drive then you can simply uninstall office 2007 and after that reinstall the same on some other drive during the setup procedure. Note that the MSOCache should be on the local computer and it cannot be created on a network share where all workstations can access a single copy. If you want more information then you can visit the below link which has the detailed information:

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    If anyone has Windows Vista installed on their machine then they can relocate MSOCache with a symlink, just check the below links for more information

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