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Thread: Can't Repair or Uninstall Office 2007

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    Can't Repair or Uninstall Office 2007

    I installed Office 2007 especially for Outlook. Yeah, that is my default mail client. Recently I got an update in Windows update, while installing the same it failed saying “couldn't detect the installation”. I dint knew what it means but I know there was some problem. Hence I tried to repair it by clicking change button in Add and Remove Programs but nothing from there. Later in inserted Office installation CD and tried repairing, again it fails with error saying “setup did not complete successfully”.

    It was so annoying that I thought to remove it completely from the system and then re-install it again but surprisingly it don’t even want to get rid of my PC. Somebody please help me with few suggestions how can I remove it or fix the error ?

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    Well if it is not allowing you to uninstall manually, the only thing I can suggest you is download and install Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove installer references to Office. This tool is made for removing such things. Once it is installed, restart the computer and then try installing Office 2007 again. Hopefully you wont be getting the problem. You can download the tool from here

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    Thanks a lot for your help friend, I installed the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and successfully removed the Office from my system. But now when I insert the installation CD to install it fails yet saying setup did not complete successfully. Now thought my Office is gone, yet am unable to install the new one. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Can't Repair or Uninstall Office 2007 - SOLVED

    I was having the same problem about a year ago and was able to fix it successfully. In my case it was Office Home and Student and Outlook 2007. After the problem started I came to know that my Outlook’s installation files were corrupted. Hence I downloaded Windows Installer CleanUp Utility and ran it on my Outlook.

    Later I reinstalled Outloko 2007 again over the top of existing installation. Restarted the computer, repaired Outlook, again restarted the system and installed Office 2007 SP1 Successfully. It worked.

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    Re: Can't Repair or Uninstall Office 2007

    Richard - how did you know that your Outlook install files were corrupted?

    I have a similar problem with Excel an I don't really want to go the manual route of editing all the Registry entries

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