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Thread: PRO11.msi missing

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    Can I Download The File Pro11 Msi

    Hello, I am having some problem in installation of Office 2003 on my Windows XP laptop. When I start the setup the progress bar seems going on but suddenly it freezes for a minute and gives me an error message saying about missing PR011 msi file. I tried installation many time, rebooted my system but still the same problem.

    Can I download this file from web ? Is it available some where ?

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    The files use to be right in the CD. I think your DVD/CD drive is unable to read the disk properly. Remove the CD, clean it with cotton or any clean soft cloth and reinsert. Now start the installation and see if it works for you. If not, I would like to know where you having any trial version of office installed earlier ?

    If yes, remove it completely from the system and make sure none of its file is left in its installation folder. Better delete the folder itself from program files. Reboot the system and try installing the new Office 2003 version you were trying.

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    PRO11.msi missing

    Even I am stuck with the same problem. Some one suggested me to do detect and repair, I did but still the same problem and error comes with missing PRO11.msi. Another thing is when I try to run Office Pro 2003 installation CD, it wont find the setup file. Please help.

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    RE: PRO11.msi missing

    If the system is unable recognize file after pointing to the installation disk and prompting for pro11.msi file, then probably a different pro11.msi is in use OR maybe the install originally came from an Admin Installation Point. In such Iíll suggest you uninstall it using the windows installer cleanup utility and retry again. Check this:

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    Instead of downloading it from any third party website you should search your CD itself or any Microsoft Sites, because you can harm your system if the file is affected. You should better check out this link, it will help you

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