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Thread: Setup Error 1309

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    Setup Error 1309

    I am trying to install Office 2007 Standard on my laptop but the installation wizard freezes and gives me error code 1309. It also says that SKU111.CAB is missing. I tried to search the cab file and it was present right on my CD. Donít know why installation in unable to get the file.

    I tried searching Microsoft KB but dint found any related to SKU111.CAB. Can anyone please let me know fixing this error ?

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    Re: Setup Error 1309

    Yes, it use to be located on the CD itself but many times system cannot recognize or wont read the disk properly. Hence you get such problem. Anyways, there various articles describe the solution for the same. Have a look at these:
    Missing SKU111.CAB missing - upgrading from 2003 Pro to 2007 Std

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    Re: Setup Error 1309

    Were you having any Office suite installed on this PC before installing this one ? If yes, you must have removed it prior installing it again. If there is any files left on the system from earlier installation you will keep getting such errors. So, see if there is any Office program listed in the Add and Remove list, if yes, uninstall the same. Run disk cleanup utility and remove each files you see related to Office. Restart the system and Try to install the new one now.

    Alternatively, if there is any problem in your CD or CD drive that is preventing the installation reading it properly, simply create a new folder and copy entire CD content to the same. Now run the Setup.exe from root of this folder.

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