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Thread: "Missing" Cab files installing office 2007 on localized Vista

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    "Missing" Cab files installing office 2007 on localized Vista

    I have installed Windows Vista on my computer and when ever I am trying to install Office 2007 on my system, the setup just stops the install and asks for When I tried to find the error in SetupExe.log file, then it listed the below things:

    Executing chained package:
    12/22/2007 15:45:24 Installing chained package:
    PERF: TickCount=2340108 Name=Verify MSI local install source
    Description=Begin function
    OSE is detected as a registered service. Service binary is reported at location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Source Engine\OSE.EXE
    OSE service binary is detected at location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Source Engine\OSE.EXE
    Source Resolution succeeded
    LIS: start caching file "Proof.en|"
    LIS failed to cache download "{90120000-002C-0409-0000-0000000FF1CE}-C"
    resource "Proof.en|". Cache Error 0x80070017

    I have checked the Cab file and it is already there and installing Office 2007 on Windows XP runs smoothly. What can i do to solve this issue. Please help.

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    Well, so you are not able to install Office 2007 on Windows Vista. You could try the following suggestions and see if that is able to resolve your queries:
    • Try to first clear all the Temp Folders
    • To do the same click on Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> Disk Cleanup.
    • After that clear your Temporary Internet files and temp files.
    • Now you should try to copy Office 2007 files and folders to a local folder.
    • After that run the setup.exe to start the installation procedures.

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    You could even try to check the Environment Variables and see if this solves your issue. Follow the below suggestions to see if there is any problem caused by wrong configuration of the user variables:
    • First of all right click on My computer and then go to Properties.
    • After that you should be able to see Tasks list appearing on the left, click Advanced system settings.
    • Next, you have to click on Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.
    • After that User variables for user name, check if TEMP is configured as the following value: "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp"
    • Now try login into Windows Vista safe mode and then try to install the office 2007 again and see the result.

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    It was noted on some sites that there was some corrupted ISO file images that were distributed for download. And when I did some research on my ISO image, I found out that the missing cab file was having an invalid digital signature and also a MD5 has that was not similar as the accompanying setup.xml. So the iso image on the Technet site is bad or maybe the mandatory File Transfer Manager has some issue which is why our downloaded suite results as corrupted. You should always make sure that you have the right media and incase if it is not then download the same package again from Technet.

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    Re: "Missing" Cab files installing office 2007 on localized Vista

    he Invalid location Alert comes when the data of the required file is not readable or lacks in quality...

    Hey Guys .. Just Wait... All Currupt .cab files are not the problem of Windows or Microsoft... This only happens with the setups that are copied many times to one media to another From its Origin Genuine copy ... The .cab files are very sensitive and delicate to handle, so it gets the data faded as many times it is copied ... Remember There is a negligible lapse of data when copied from one media to another (like in office 07 and in XP installation)
    Nobody Knows whether you are using a genuine or a pirated copy of it.. but in 99% cases it happens only in Pirated copies... Genuine ones are robust.

    The only solution is to trash your setup and get one new.
    To avoid these ...
    1. Copy your setups on CDs with power writing tools like Nero.
    2. Avoid Software Backups on DVDs and Use CDs. as CDs are comparatively easily readable by hardware and are Nodoubt Robust.

    "A media file on a scratched Disc can be played but a fresh looking disk can be useless for the installation of the data it carries"

    Hope Now you Understand The Delicacy of Data Carriers
    Better Luck Next Time !

    Part of Installation files are not available on internet for free.. as far as I searched for. And if you are going to get the currupted file from your freind's setup or from any other place, It will be better to copy the whole Setup.

    Goodluck again!

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