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Thread: Office Pro 2007 setup can't find

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    Office Pro 2007 setup can't find

    Am having a Windows XP laptop and got frustrated enough with the Office 2007 installation. I was using MS Office 2003 but due to some reason I required to upgrade to 2007. So I downloaded Office Pro 2007 from Microsoft Site, Saved it on my D Drive. now whenever I’m trying to install it, I get an error message saying “Setup cannot find”.

    I searched for this file and found it right there in the Download Office 2007 folder under Next time when I ran the setup , I pointed it manually to the file by browsing but still it gives me the same error and quits the setup. For more workout I copied and paste it on Desktop, started setup again and this pointed it to the desktop where the file is kept, now it say the location is invalid.

    Please help.

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    Re: Office Pro 2007 setup can't find

    One of my clients was having the same problem on his system. When he called me for help, I found that office was installed on 4 other PCs with the same hardware but was giving the error you mentioned above only this one PC. After research of about an hour somewhere I found that the problem could also be caused because of the bad memory, I mean RAM.

    Most of the time this problem occurs because of your bad memory stick. What I did is removed a stick from his other PC and seated it in this PC. Started setup and Office installed without any problem. So, I guess you now know what you have do.

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