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Thread: Office 2007 Install Error 2203

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    Office 2007 Install Error 2203

    I was having a laptop running with Windows Vista RC1 64bit. I installed Office 2007 beta couple of months ago. Recently I upgraded my Vista to Vista x64 Ultimate RTM and now trying to install Office 2007 RTM. I downloaded this Office package from Microsoft download center. While doing this I remained unsuccessful with the Error Code 2203.

    I saw few other discussions on this forum where they we need to uninstall the trial version completely from the system. I tried to do the same, went to Add and Remove program, but surprisingly I dint found any office program in the entire list. As a troubleshooting I tried to burn ISO to a new DVD, dint helped. I download the ISO again and burned it again on a new DVD, yet no help. I extracted the ISO to a folder and tried installing, yet no help. Tried checking the SHA-1 checksum and tried again, yet no help. Tried turning Off/On UAC, enabled the Administrator account, and many more things but none of them helped me yet. Still am getting the same error message.

    The only thing left to do now is to Re-install entire Windows Vista again, I can do that but donít want to do unless I know it will solve the problem. Hence need some help from you all guys. Please suggest some working solution soon. Thank you.

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    Well I have bit experience of this error and will try to help you out. There are two ways we can try to fix the Error 2203 but before we start the troubleshooting just make sure you are logged in as Administrator. Here it is:

    Method 1:

    Download Windows Installer Cleanup Tool from this KB Article
    Install the same, launch and see if you can see anything related to Office 2007 or Office 12. If you find anything related than highlight everything of them and remove.
    Also stop the Office 2007 services and remove installation files.
    If you see anything related to Office beta, use the following KB Article;EN-US;928218 for removing their files.

    Method 2:

    Many times such errors occur because of the corrupted Windows Installer. Hence you should download the latest version of Windows installer that is V 3.1. You can download the same from here:

    Once downloaded install this, restart the computer, go to your Office package and run the setup. It should work now.

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    RE: Office 2007 Install Error 2203

    Thanks for the help buddy, but I have tried most of them already before posting the query. Let me tell you that I already logged with the original Administrator account and the one we create after installation. It is the Default Administrator account.

    Secondly I tried the windows cleanup tool, but there is no Office program listed in this tool, neither in the control panel Add and remove program. I just found couple of Office/Office12 files/keys to be removed, all of which were successfully deleted; most of the files/registry keys listed in the KB article did not exist.

    About your second suggestion, the installer url you gave is for 32bit operating system whereas I said mine is Vista Ultimate RTM 64 bit. Hence it is not compatible with mine system. I tried to search for 64bit version, got one installer update for Vista x64 RC1, but when I tried to install it on my Vista x64 RTM, I got an error stating "The update does not apply to your system".

    Any other help ?

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    RE: Office 2007 Install Error 2203

    Seems very complicated problem. Anyways, as per my info, such problem occurs when %temp% folder is redirected to a location other than the default. See if this is not the situation in your case. You can do this by:

    • Right clicking My Computer icon on desktop, go to properties, click Advanced Settings.
    • Now click on Advanced Tab on system properties dialog box and click Environmental variables.
    • Here see if TEMP and TMP are set to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp

    If it is not pointed to the default folder than you need to do it by following the below steps:
    • Redirect it to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp and test if you can install now.
    • Switch to the user account which you first meet the scenario and redirect TEMP and TMP to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp

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    Did you tried installing Office in clean boot? If not try it out. You can do this by going to Start > RUN. Type MS Config. Now in the opened window select Selective Start up and uncheck load startup item. Go to services tab and check mark the box for “hide all microsoft services”, Now disable all rest of the services. Go to start, type UAC, and Turn Off the UAC as well.

    Now restart the computer and try to run the Office setup. Alternatively you can also try out any Virtual CD to mounting tool to mount the downloaded ISO image as a drive and run the setup directly. If that too dint helped, please check the folder C:\Windows\Installer, and see if the file "10a6f0a1.ipi" is in it. If this file is missing, please search it in all the locations and copy it to C:\Windows\Installer then see if this issue is resolved.

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