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Thread: Setup cannot continue because a required file is corrupted or missing

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    Setup cannot continue because a required file is corrupted or missing

    I am trying to run the setup and facing the a problem with corrupt files. I have a installation disc of Office Professional 2007. When I runt he setup on Vista I am getting a error that setup cannot continue due to corrupt files and it crashes. I have Vista Business Edition. It is a new installation disc. I need some help to fix the problem. There is no specific files that is listed in the error.

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    It is a corrupt file or damaged disc. You need to arrange a proper one for that. Because it is due to missing or damage. From where you got the disc. Ask the vendor to provide you a valid copy of the cd you want.

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    I faced the same issue with a iso file that I had used to create dvd for Office installation. Now if you are following the same process then ensure that you have healthy iso file. You can re-download the same and check. At the time of this error, Office setup does not allow you to browse the files for replacement. It will be stopped. If you have a license copy, then you can simply download the trail edition and upgrade.

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